CMRU Joined with Mental Health Center 1 Providing Stress Measurement and Mental Health Services to CMRU Faculty Members and Staff

CMRU Faculty : กองพัฒนานักศึกษา | Date and Time : 18/5/66

On May 18, 2023, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University (CMRU) led by the Student Development Division joined with Mental Health Center 1, Department of Mental Health delivered mobile health unit for mental empowerment in educational institutions by providing stress measurement and mental health services to CMRU faculty members and staff. There were 65 people who received the service to measure stress and vascular health with a biofeedback machine, and mental health screening machine which is a modern technology in mental health care. The Mental Health Center 1 staff provided services to measure stress levels, emotional levels, work and rest levels, and mental health consultation at the Hall, 1st floor, Building No.27, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. At present, it was found that working-age people have stress as they have to confront all-round social problems, the pressure from work, the economic situation, and the image of comparison from society which affect both physical and mental health, including symptoms of cumulative stress, burnout syndrome, low-self esteem, depression, and panic disorder. Therefore, both physical and mental health examinations are important to lead to the prevention, correction, and leakage of both physical and mental problems that affect the quality of life in the future.

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